Dienstag, 1. März 2011

Enlightened Pocket Rocket

I decided one day to try and shave a little bit of weight off of my trusty old MSR Pocket rocket. Unaltered, it's a pretty light stove, and weighs 87 grams (3.07 oz). I thought it shouldn't be too hard to take a little bit of weight off of it, and the result is a 71 gram stove (2.5 oz), with a total weight savings of 16 grams (0.57 oz). The modifications I did are:

-took off the nearly useless mini windscreen
-ground down the inner part of the potstand legs
-ground down the aluminum stove base (reducing by far the most weight)


  1. What did you use to grind it down?

  2. I'm buying one for an upcoming trip since my Boilerwerks stove won't be here in time and I don't want to carry my Jetboil. Arrows on the pic where you ground would be a great help. I have no issue with grinding it since it won't be a stove that gets a lot of use in the future. Thanks for the idea.

  3. I bet you could take it down even farther by drilling small holes all the way down the support posts.