Tent & Gear

I've finally taken the plunge and ordered some cuben fiber. I've been curious about it for a while, and decided to get some for making stuff sacks out of. Well, here's my first stuff sack. It's for my tent, and weighs 8.9 grams (0.31 oz). The cuben fiber I'm working with is CT0.6K.08 and weighs 15g/sq. meter (0.5 oz). It's put together with cuben tape. There will be more cuben fiber projects for me in the future!

This is a tunnel tent I made. the interior is194 cm wide, 330 cm long, 130 cm high, with 60 cm vestibule at the door. Total weight, 2182 grams.

some pics:

The door can be opened to the top or the bottom.

Here's a view to the back:

This is a single-walled tent with a bathtub floor and netting attaching it to the shell. The shell is made of silnylon, the floor of PU coated nylon. The poles are lightweight aluminum.

Here are some pics of the tieouts:

 and one of the whole thing rolled up: