Dienstag, 1. März 2011

Lightweight windscreen system

Windscreens are always a little bit of a problem, especially if you're trying to make them lightweight. I've designed this windscreen system to use with my Pocket Rocket. It has an adjustable ring, and can accomodate a small or large diameter pot. The base mounts directly onto the stove. It holds itself in place with its own weight, and creates a microclimate of heat around the bottom of the pot, vastly increasing the efficiency of the stove. With this system I can boil 2 cups of water with around 6 grams of fuel. I chose to use titanium foil because of it's durability and strength to weight ratio. It's also easy to cut with sturdy scissors or a utility knife.

Material: .005" Titanium Foil (base) .002" Titanium Foil (ring)

Weight: 17 grams (0.6 oz)

Here's the base mounted on the stove:

base and ring:

with the MSR Kettle:


  1. It's very well put together. I only have 2 questions. Why do the "petals" extend so far out from under the ring? And where in the world can I find titanium foil?

  2. The base extends out so it can accomodate a large diameter pot such as a trangia 1.5 liter pot. If you're in the USA, check out Titanium Goat for titanium foil. I also always keep an eye out on ebay.

  3. Totally fantastic! I am definitely trying to make one of these for my Primus micron, it's very sensitive to wind.

  4. Where could I find Titanium foil?

    Brilliant design by the way!