Sonntag, 4. Dezember 2011

New Tent!

Here's the post for my new Tent. It's a double-walled tunnel design, with double entrances. The Outer shell is made from 1.1 oz ultrasil from Quest Outfitters. It has 2 aluminum poles (.344 nanolites also from Quest), both of which are angled outward from bottom to top, decreasing the risk of rainwater coming in through the open door. The floor is made of 1.9 oz PU coated nylon (also from Quest), and is a bathtub design, about 15cm high. The rest of the inner is made of superultralight mosquito netting, which only weighs 17 grams per sq. meter. I ordered it from The inner is fully detachable from the outer, making it possible to play around with different inner designs. I'm already thinking of a design with less netting for colder camping. All zippers are YKK 3c.

Total weight: 2197 grams (4 lbs 12.8 oz) I didn't quite hit the wieght I had hoped, but it's usually that way with these projects!

Total time invested, including design: 59 hours 30 min.

Here are some pictures of the tent in Hornvik, Iceland this summer:

Here's a peek through the tent. As these pictures were taken, it had withstood 2 days of stormy rain and wind, with gusts up to 80 kmh (50mph). I have to admit, I didn't sleep very well the first night. I kept wondering if the seams would hold. The tent held up though, and stayed perfectly dry inside!

It's nice and roomy inside! Plenty of room for 2 people and gear. There's really room for three.

 The doors open to the top or bottom.  

The awnings can be rolled up or down, depending on weather

Here's a closeup of the attachment system for the awnings

I'll be doing some making of posts soon, with pictures to show the process.


  1. Hi

    Would you be willing to share the plans for this tent? I'm also trying to make one myself.